Micro CHP Solutions Installers

Through our partnership with Bluegen, we are able to offer a Micro CHP product, which in essence uses 2.5kWh of gas to produce upto 1.5kWh of electricity and 0.6kWh of heat.

The product is around the size of a washing machine, of which the service charge associated per year also includes all full parts and labour warranty, yearly servicing and covers and manufacturers issues for its full upto 15 year lifecycle.

As a result the product benefits from a generous FIT tariff, enabling payback based upon full electricity consumption and savings of around 5 – 6 years.


The product has been widely tested in Germany with over 1 million hours of use and data and we are proud to confirm we are one of only a few that supply and install the product in the UK, with options for full free installations.

Please call one of our energy advisers to see how we can help find your perfect solution.

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  • INTEGRITY - Providing work we are proud of at reasonable prices, striving to do the job right first time, on programme and to budget.
  • TRANSPARENCY - Trying to work with clients to find solutions to problems before they become problems, we are not after a quick buck, we want to be around in 30 years time and believe the only way to do this is to build trust in what we do.
  • SATISFACTION - We want you to become a client for the long term, and always strive to do what we can for our customers.
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Project Funding

We can provide full or partial funding for your renewable energy scheme, which dependant on type of installation and type of organisation, can include some or all of the following options:

  • Loans
  • Operational leases
  • Salix funding
  • Green deal based funding

Please note these funding types are only available to installations completed by us and not all may be available for each scheme, please speak to an energy advisor to find out how we can help you more.